Please read the following testimonials from people who have been helped after being treated by Dee.

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– TG Poole, Dorset

Just thought I would drop you  a line to let you know that after suffering the after effects of a broken shoulder for so long I never thought I would have any relief. The bones mended but movement was difficult because of the associated pain that did not go away.

Being the sceptic I am, I was not covinced that “healing” was going to help me. After your “healing”session I had no pain and the movement was back to normal.

After six months I am pain free with no after affects.

I am not sure how healing works, I can only say it does and I am very grateful to you for making my life more comfortable.

– JWG Christchurch, Dorset

I have been to see Dee Taylor-Mason for the past two years and she has helped me in many different ways.

the first visit I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me and I cried,it was a big release, since then I have visited Dee for relaxation through her healing and for medical problems.

Dee has a great gift, she helped disperse a cyst I had and the swelling in my stomach when I had problems with my liver.

I have been to several healers in the past and only two were gifted and special people, Dee is one of them

– KW Highcliffe, Dorset

I would very much like to contribute my experience re my own Spiritual Healing performed on me,over only a few minutes.

i had been getting a great deal of pain in my left ankle, plus swelling, there had been a cracked bone there some 5 & 8 years previously. I had not even pointed thid out to Dee.When she commenced to runher hands just hovering above my complete body, ending up very quickly over my left ankle.

I felt heat, followed by a tingling sensation, then although I thought she was holding her hands still over my left ankle. I felt her adjust my head and shoulders. It was not truly her, but a spirit helper come to correct my posture, which was not allowing her too work fully on the ankle. this was quite amazing to see her still working on my ankle yet not frightening, in fact the opposite. It was soothing and removing the pain I had been suffering for weeks. I suddenly had a feeling of relaxation and well being.

After two more visits I have never had strong pain again.The speed in which help arrived was also surprising.

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