The changing times bring emotions to the surface things which may have been
hidden and also recurring emotions. It is time to allow yourself the freedom
of the binding you hold onto as you progress forward on your journey . The
past left behind, no pulling you back now,letting go of the ego.
You make a choice and this will allow the transition to flow with
ease.Imagine a time with no cares in the world, remember as a child playing
and the freedom and happiness you felt at this time,no time restriction was
in your field of awareness then. Feel into this space and recall the
feeling of this time. This will give you an indication of the freedom you
will encounter as you enter the new dimension of the fifth.
There is no place for ego at his level all your past will become a distant
memory if you remember at all. All restriction removed, only love can and
will reside in this place. You have earned your place, you have overcome
many obstacles and personal battles to be free. Follow your heart and you
will discover more delights as your soul lifts you to your rightful place.
The days becoming one now as the time evaporates, already morphing into time
and space. Moving by the process of thought, instant manifestation to have
any experience you can conceive.
Allow your self to digest these words not from a place of ego, with
curiosity and an open heart and your heart will sing with the remembering of
who you truly are.

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