About Dee

Dee works as a holistic practitioner and has over 15 years experience. Dee has studied several healing modalities where possible studying with the originator to gain the highest level of training.

Dee is interested in the connection between mind and body and has tested the therapies trained in to understand in depth the full potential.

In the mid 2000’s Dee channeled a new healing energy “The Light Of Vibration Energy” the Love Energy. This energy connects with every cell of the body to heal at the cellular level. The Love energy consists of all the colours of the rainbow aligning with the Charkra “energy centers” points of the body. This has proved to be a very powerful healing. Dee has connected this healing energy to a group of 40 people with some amazing results. Dee offers healing with this unique energy.

Dee has also studied the Tarot and gives readings connecting to higher energies “Angels And Guides” and is available for personal readings.

The mind is our most valuable and powerful tool, to train the mind is time well spent as the results can be truly amazing! Join Dee on her workshops where she will teach you how to regain your personal power. Are you ready for Change Now ?……..

Weight loss without Diet. Using my unique set of therapies, I can provide you with the tools for achieving weight loss without diet. Together we will form a personal action plan tailored for you.
We will eliminate self-sabotaging behavior which is often the cause of weight gain & why weight loss can be temporary. After completing this program, my clients are fitter healthier and happier.

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